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8 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Whole Home

gutter cleaning

It’s that time of year again—time to think about spring cleaning. And as you think about what to purge and what to clean, we encourage you to think outside of the box this year. How? Well, don't limit yourself to garages, sheds, and dusty basements. Instead, think “whole home” spring cleaning!

Ready for some ideas? Here are eight cleaning tips to consider for your home this spring.

1.   Clean Showerheads

Do you have hard water? If so, chances are your showerheads have accumulated plenty of mineral buildup. Hard water contains large amounts of magnesium and calcium which can show up on your showerheads as yucky water stains. Here’s an easy fix: Mix one part baking soda and two parts vinegar and mix inside a plastic sandwich bag. Tie this around your showerhead and let it soak overnight. In the morning, wipe clean and see it sparkle!

2.   Change Air Filters

A great way to keep your system working at top efficiency is by changing your air filters every three months. Not only will this reduce your system’s workload, but it will improve your indoor air quality, too.

3.   Vacuum Vents

You vacuum your floors, but how about those air vents? Don’t forget to clean all those return vents each time you find yourself sweeping the carpets this spring.

4.   Declutter Your House

Do you collect too much stuff throughout the year? Spring is the perfect time to remove those extra boxes and bags that have been taking up space in your home. Organizing your rooms and removing the clutter will help cut back on dust that has been accumulating.

5.   Trim Back Weeds & Shrubs

Is your outdoor AC unit surrounded by weeds, overgrown shrubs, and yard debris from the winter months? Take time to cut back weeds and remove yard debris around your AC system. Leaving a good two-foot radius of clean space around the unit is a good start.

6.   Change Batteries in Alarm Systems

Remove old batteries in smoke alarms and CO2 systems and replace each system with a fresh set. This ensures that you’re prepared in an emergency.

7.   Clean Gutters and Drain Spouts

Don’t forget to clean out gutters and clear drain spouts each spring (and fall). Remember, a clogged spout or backed-up gutter can cause plumbing issues you just don’t want!

8.   Call ARS for a Spring Tune-Up

OK, this one might be a no-brainer, but don’t forget to call the ARS team and schedule your spring tune-up. Our technicians will do a comprehensive check of your cooling system to ensure that it runs at top efficiency this year.

Don’t Forget About Your Plumbing!

While it’s essential to have your HVAC system maintained twice a year, it’s also important to check in with your plumbing. If you have concerns or questions regarding your pipes, garbage disposal, or even a leaky faucet, feel free to give us a call. ARS/Rescue Rooter is available seven days a week to assist with any HVAC or plumbing problem.

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