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AJ Perri Provides Relief to Two Local Military Families

Top Images: Master Sgt. Charles and Diana Gaines and AJ Perri Team
Bottom Images: Mayte and Domingo Ozoria and AJ Perri Team

AJ Perri, our branch in New Jersey, recently had the honor of helping two deserving military families in the NJ area. Both the Ozoria and Gaines families sacrifice much for country and community, and our AJ Perri team jumped at the opportunity to assist both households in making their homes as comfortable as possible.

Master Sgt. Charles Gaines has a family background in the military. Two of his uncles served in the military, and their bravery inspired him to join the Marine Corps in 1996. Charles’ children have continued the tradition: he has a 21-year-old son in the Marines and an 18-year-old daughter who aspires to join the Marines as well.

During the winter last year, the Gaines’ HVAC system started malfunctioning and caused the family to resort to bundling up in extra clothing. “The unit and equipment were original to our home which is 20 years old,” says Sgt. Gaines. “When I am away on assignment, I want my family warm.”


AJ Perri made that happen for the Gaines on September 14, 2017, by installing a new HVAC unit. Additionally, they donated and installed a water heater, Nest Protect, and Nest Thermostat. “The team at AJ Perri appreciates the service and sacrifices active and retired military like the Gaines make,” says Jim Henkel, General Manager of AJ Perri. “It is a privilege to be able to serve those who have selflessly served our country.”

The team at AJ Perri kept the momentum going the following day. On September 15, 2017, the group went to the home of Mayte Ozoria- a disabled veteran that served in Iraq. Mayte’s husband is active duty in the Navy and serves as an explosives dog handler. The couple has two small children, and since Mayte is needed at home for childcare, the single military income has stretched the young family.


“I feel very appreciative that the sacrifices my family has made are being recognized,” says Mayte. “Most military families go thru the same struggles as my family- being separated for long extended periods of time, never asking for or expecting anything- because that is the choice we made to serve our country.” AJ Perri recognizes these sacrifices and will be working in their service area to complete similar projects in their community through a program called AJ Perri Cares. “The AJ Perri Cares Initiative is consistent with our commitment to the community we serve. We see this as a different opportunity to give back, and we’re excited to help more families in need,” concludes Jim Henkel.

If you want to nominate a veteran for the AJ Perri Cares program, please do so.

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