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ARS Encourages the Skilled Worker Movement

November_2014_Skilled_Worker.jpgWhat does ARS/Rescue Rooter have in common with Mike Rowe?  They both know the significance of the skilled worker.  Skilled, technical jobs are starting to gain more attention, and with the help of Mike Rowe and his mikeroweWORKS foundation that will only continue to increase. 

ARS/Rescue Rooter is in the business of providing exceptional service to all of its customers and one way they are accomplishing this is by hiring the best and most qualified plumbers and HVAC technicians.

Recently we sat down with Ken Peterson, Senior VP of Human Resources, to discuss this topic.  Recently, Mike Rowe (star of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs”) conducted an interview with where he discusses his new CNN show “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” and his foundation, mikeroweWORKS.  The interview centered around his passion for recognizing people in skilled trades and that great job opportunities exist for people willing to learn these skills.

As Senior VP of Human Resources at American Residential Services, a company with thousands of skilled HVAC technicians, plumbers and supervisors, it must make you feel good to hear about stories like this.

Ken Peterson:  Absolutely!  I actually wish we heard more stories like this.  ARS/Rescue Rooter is a service business, and our single most important resource is the people who deliver that service to customers every day. It’s critical that we hire and retain the best and brightest because that’s what our customers expect and deserve.  How many employees work at American Residential Services?

Ken Peterson:  Nationwide, we have over 4,500 employees, with over 3,500 serving customers as plumbers, HVAC technicians and installers, journeyman electricians, and technical salespeople.  Mike Rowe commented that many of these jobs pay more than what people might expect.  Can you discuss what people can expect to earn at ARS/Rescue Rooter in one of these skilled jobs?

Ken Peterson:  While I can’t get into specifics, I will absolutely agree with him that great opportunities for pay and advancement exist in plumbing and HVAC, and that we reward our employees for performance.  We recognize that experienced technicians provide great service to customers and we do everything we can to make sure that our employees feel valued.  We have some employees who have worked at ARS/Rescue Rooter for over 30 years!  Finally, skilled trades such as plumbing and HVAC generally don’t get very much attention in the media; perhaps because jobs in these traditional industries aren’t perceived as “glamorous” or have the perception of being easy to get.  Do ever have problems filling these skilled, technical roles?

Ken Peterson:  That’s a great question.  Believe it or not, it can be very challenging to stay staffed with enough plumbers and HVAC technicians.  Our company is growing every day, so to keep up with customer demand, especially during peak seasons, all our locations generally stay in a hiring mode all year-round.  We’re always looking for quality applicants who enjoy working with people, are willing to work hard, and are willing to learn.  Readers can click here to apply or find out more.  Thank you!  Thanks, Ken!

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