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ARS of Illinois Hosts Record Breaking Food Drive

November_2014_5_Food_Drive.jpgDuring the fall, ARS of Illinois decided to make a difference in the community that has given so much to them over the years.  There are a lot of families in that area who use the Itasca Food Pantry.  "We know there are a lot of families in our community that are relying on this food bank and donations from a large company can help a lot of families in need," said employee Tom Diciolla.  ARS not only challenged their co-workers, but their families and friends to donate as much as they could to support the food pantry.  This combined effort culminated in the BIGGEST donation of pounds given by a single company food drive given to the Itasca Food Pantry!  It totaled over 5,000 pounds of food.  What an amazing job!

The employees also had a second contest.  The team that brought the heaviest box with the most items would get to pick a charity of their choice to donate $1,000 dollars to.  Team 3 won with over 2,700 pounds of food in their box!  The charity they chose was the Wounded Warrior Project and we can’t think of more deserving people than the men and women who fight for our country.  Fantastic job Team 3!

What a better way to say thank you to your community than by giving back.  This is exactly what ARS of Illinois did.  "We challenged our employees to serve the community in a BIG way and they did," said Steve Wade of ARS.   Fantastic job ARS of Illinois! 

Check out the press release written by The Daily Herald about this story as well.
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