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Daily Grind: Choose the Right Garbage Disposal

February_2015_Garbage_Disposal.jpgYour garbage disposal is a convenient way to reduce kitchen waste. So if you're building a new home, replacing a broken disposal or simply want to upgrade, you'll want to know the different options that are available. Consider the following when making your selection:
Which type of garbage disposal is best for your needs? Garbage disposal units function in two basic modes — continuous feed and batch feed. Continuous feed models run as long as the switch is flipped, so you can add food into the disposal while it's still on. Batch feed models only run when you put the disposal cover in place, so you run the disposal one batch at a time. While continuous feed disposals are most common due to their reasonable cost and ease of operation, batch feed models offer the reassurance of covered operation, eliminating the risk of injury or flying particles.
Do you have a septic tank? If your home has septic tank, then consider a septic system garbage disposal model. These models are designed specifically for use with septic systems and feature special cartridges that inject enzymes into the drain to break down food waste before it enters your septic system. Once in the septic system, these enzymes continue digesting food and household waste, helping to keep your septic system functioning properly. However, septic system disposal models should be replaced after 4 to 6 months to maintain their functionality and sanitation.
How much horsepower do you want? Garbage disposal motors come in a range of different power levels, so consider the number of household members and the amount of daily usage before making your choice. If your household has only one or two members and you don't use your disposal often, then you can probably get away with a 1/4 horsepower or 1/3 horsepower unit. Most households with several members require at least a 3/4-horsepower unit. If you have a larger family, a 1 horsepower unit may be the best choice.
What special features are more important to you?
Most new garbage disposal models feature anti-jamming, sound-reducing, and water-saving features for fewer breakdowns, quieter operation and energy efficiency. For long-lasting performance, look for a model that features a stainless steel grind chamber and components. Most new disposal models can also be connected directly to your dishwasher, enabling you to grind up solid food particles cleansed from your dishes.
Installation of your new garbage disposal may vary depending on your home’s plumbing features. Call ARS®/Rescue Rooter® at 1-800-277-9400 so we can help you decide on the right choice for your home.
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