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Canned Castle Competition

We like to encourage healthy competition among our many branches.  Last year, some of them decided to get creative and have a canned food castle competition. The employees donated canned food items and whoever donated and built the most elaborate can castle would win a free lunch!  Not only did the employees have fun, but they were also helping their community.  There were 3 branches that participated in the competition.  All of the employees did an amazing job coming together to have fun and help some great causes in their community.

ARS/Rescue Rooter of Columbus donated their cans to a local church food bank. Andy’s Statewide in Detroit donated their cans to the Gleaners Community Food Bank.  And the winner of the competition, ARS of Boston, donated their canned food items to the West Bridgewater Food Pantry.  Jim Papasodero, General Manager of the ARS of Boston branch said, “We want to thank all of our patrons for their donations to such a worthy cause.   It was a lot of fun building our can castle. It brought out the inner child in our entire office staff.  But knowing all the food went to a good cause is the most rewarding part”.

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