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ARS/Rescue Rooter Earns Awards at Home Depot Service Provider Partnership Meeting

home-depot-award_blog-teaser.jpgIn April, Home Depot held their annual Service Provider Partnership Meeting in Las Vegas. ARS had 19 attendees representing both the HVAC and Water Heater programs. This meeting consisted of panel discussions and an awards ceremony.

There was a “Million Dollar Store” panel discussion including Gus Alahverdian from Myrtle Beach and Mike Skourtis from Manassas. The “$M Club” is given to any store that achieves $1M or more in HVAC sales in a year.  In 2016, there were 15 stores that achieved $1M or more in HVAC sales and ARS represented 60% of these best-in-class providers. Special kudos to the team from ARS of Myrtle Beach (pictured here) who achieved the coveted $2M goal!

Home Depot recognized top service providers for 2016 in their North, South and West divisions. ARS won Provider of the Year award in all three divisions! Congratulations to ARS of Manassas, ARS of Myrtle Beach, and Rightime Riverside for taking the top prize! 

HVAC Program Awards:

Northern Division:

AJ Perri:  Highest Sales Growth (Over $2M Category)
Blue Dot: Highest Dollars over Goal per Store (Over $2M Category) 
Chicago:  2016 $M Club
Manassas:  2016 Divisional Provider Partner of the Year 2016 $M Club x3 (3 of their 12 stores got this award)
Top Average Store Volume (Over $2M Category)
Omaha:  Highest Service Ratio (Over $2M Category)
Pittsburgh:  Highest Customer Satisfaction (Under $2M Category)
Highest Service Ratio
Highest Dollars over Goal per Store
Indianapolis:  Highest Customer Satisfaction (Over $2M Category)

Southern Division:
Charleston: 2016 $M Club
Columbia: Highest Dollars over Goal per Store (Under $2M Category)
Highest Sales Growth
Top Average Store Volume
Memphis (Conway): Highest Customer Satisfaction (Over $2M Category)
Miami:  Highest Sales Growth (Over $2M Category)
Myrtle Beach:  2016 Divisional Provider Partner of the Year
2016 $2M Club
2016 $M Club
Highest Dollars over Goal per Store (Over $2M Category)
Top Average Store Volume
Norcross: 2016 $M Club
Vero Beach: Highest Service 2016
$M Club Ratio (Over $2M Category)

Western Division:
Atlas Trillo: Highest Customer Satisfaction (Over $2M Category)
Las Vegas: 2016 $M Club
RT Riverside (Corona): 2016 Divisional Provider Partner of the Year

Water Heater Program Awards:
1st Place – Dollars over Plan
1st Place – Highest Sales Growth
Nashville:  3rd Place – Dollars over Plan

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