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Understanding and Maintaining your Septic System

understand your septic systemMany older homes in rural and suburban areas use a septic tank that treats and disposes of waste right on the homeowner’s property. Learn more below about how to maintain your septic system to keep your home safe and healthy.

Minimize solid waste. Increasing the load inside a septic tank will require you to pump more frequently, so limit the amount of solid waste that enters your system.  You can make small household changes such as installing a lint trap in your washer or reducing garbage disposal use to prevent excessive solid waste from clogging your drain field.

Watch what you flush. Harsh household products such toilet bowl tablets, chlorine bleach and even septic system additives should never go down the drain into your system. All the organic waste in your septic system is broken down by enzymes then digested by bacteria. Harsh chemicals can impede this natural process from occurring, allowing solids to flow into the drain field.  

Be water-wise. Using less water may increase the life of your septic system. Repair any leaky toilet valves or faucets; they will send a steady drip down your drain that can overload your system. Take it a step further and install water conserving fixtures, such as low flow shower heads or front loading washing machines.

Schedule preventative maintenance. You can prevent costly septic system problems by contacting a certified professional to inspect your system annually and determine when the septic tank should be pumped.

ARS® professionals specialize in fast, friendly septic tank repair and service. Call us at 1-800-277-9400 today to schedule your septic tank inspection.

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