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We care about your health and continue to service our customers safely through our COVID-19 protocols.

We continue to service our customers safely through our COVID-19 protocols.

Variable Speed Air Handlers: Benefits to Consider

vairable speed air handlerYour central heating and cooling system consists of two main parts: an outdoor condensing unit which processes refrigerant and expels warm indoor air — and an indoor air handler unit which conditions and circulates air throughout your home. Usually located in your attic or garage, your air handler distributes the conditioned air through your ductwork and returns it to the air handling unit. Recent advances in variable speed technology have dramatically enhanced the performance of newer air handlers. Check out the benefits below!

More efficient. Contrary to what you might think, running your air conditioner at lower speeds all day using variable speed technology actually uses less energy than intermittently cycling your AC on and off using single speed air handlers.

Quieter operation. Because variable speed air handlers are constantly running at a low speed, they provide quieter startups and shutdowns. And because they only run on high when they need to make larger temperature changes, they avoid the loud “whoosh” that results from the system cycling on.

Consistent cooling: Instead of delivering large blasts of cool air throughout the day like single speed air handlers, variable speed handlers shift speeds gradually to prevent drastic temperature swings.

Improved indoor air quality. Variable speed air handlers run constantly at a low speed, circulating more air through your filter. However, you may need to have your filter changed more frequently.

Humidity control. Variable speed air handlers run longer cycles than single speed handlers dehumidifying the air more thoroughly.

Zoning flexibility. Variable speed air handlers operate at a number of speeds, more easily delivering customized comfort levels to different areas of the home.

Longer life span. The variable level of operation causes less overall wear and tear on your handler’s motor, which can improve system longevity.

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