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Avoid Plumbing Pitfalls This Holiday

My-Post-(8).jpgThe Fourth of July is a day for fun, food and family — but a combination of these three things can spell big plumbing problems for your home if you’re not careful. Learn more below about how to prevent these plumbing pitfalls from happening!
  1. Don’t use the toilet as a trashcan. You may be entertaining your houseguests in the backyard, but the bathroom is bound to be just as busy. And with your toilets experiencing so much extra use, it’s easy for them to get clogged by too much toilet paper or other objects that shouldn’t be flushed. Make sure to keep a plunger handy for any small clogs that occur, and leave a wastebasket in the corner so your guests won’t feel tempted to flush items such as tampons, paper towels or diapers.
  2. Lighten the load on your dishwasher. Burgers, ice cream and apple pie. Multiple courses for numerous houseguests puts a lot of extra stress on your dishwasher. Resist the urge to fit all your dirty dishes into one load by jam-packing your dishwasher, and run a second cycle instead. To prepare your dishwasher for houseguests, run a wash cycle on your dishwasher’s hottest setting with a dishwasher-safe cup of vinegar on the top rack. This trick will leave your dishwasher deodorized and sanitized just time for of company. 
  3. Avert garbage disposal jams. Back to the food. Again, the barbeque will probably be the day’s biggest draw. And with all the ribs, chicken and other grilled goodness being prepared, you’ll need to make sure that no bones or other jam hazards make it near your garbage disposal. The biggest risks to your disposal on this day are besides bones are corn husks, watermelon seeds, greases and oils — so make sure to steer clear! You should run cold water through your disposal for a few seconds before and after use to clear any remaining bits of food.  And remember, “When in doubt, throw it out!”
  4. Shut off your sprinkler system. Okay, this one is less about what problems your guests could cause for your sprinkler system, and more about what problems your sprinkler system could cause for your guests — like being drenched without warning. Unexpected showers are one of the quickest ways to kill a party, so if you know that you plan to entertain outdoors, make sure to shut your sprinkler’s timer OFF! Do it now! Before you forget!
  5. Install another hose bib. On the flip side, you do want to make sure you have an adequate outdoor water supply for fun aquatic activities like water balloon fights, slip and slides or apple bobbing. Summer is a good time to assess your outdoor water needs and decide whether you want to add a new hose bib. You can expect the per-faucet price to be lower if your plumber is installing more than one at a time.
  6. Clear your drains. To prepare for your guests’ arrival, make sure your drains are clear of hair, grease and other debris. And once guests make themselves at home, keep a watchful eye on what they're pouring out in your sink—especially if you’re hosting young children.
The best way to keep your home plumbing from failing on the Fourth is to be proactive about detecting early issues before leaks become floods, moisture becomes mold, or even worse. Investing in a whole-house plumbing inspection can go a long way in preventing these problems and providing the homeowner with peace of mind. A plumbing professional can check all the places potential problems may lurk: under cabinets, in crawl spaces, around the water heater and in other, less expected places to perform the following tasks:
  • Examine fixtures, supply lines and drains for water flow problems
  • Inspect sinks, showers, toilets and other taps to make sure they’re working correctly
  • Check water pressure and pipe connections
  • Test emergency shut-off valves
  • Administer DrainRight® drain maintainer to all in-home drains
  • Inspect washing machine hoses for leaks, splits and loose connections
  • Perform free main-line sewer camera inspection upon request with full-size clean out access
  • Inspect whole-house water filtration systems
Regular inspections will help keep your plumbing systems running efficiently and reliably, year after year. Call Rescue Rooter® at 1-800-277-9400 to learn more about expert plumbing service in your area, including regular cleaning and repair.
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