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Bathroom Water Wasters: Know the Signs

BathroomWaterWasters_BlogTeaser-(1).jpgHave you noticed a trickle down the back of the toilet bowl? A leak on the floor when you flush? Damp spots around your bathroom? If so, you may have a bathroom leak that requires the help of a plumber. Read more below about surefire signs of a bathroom leak in your home.

High water bills. Have you noticed your water bills have increased without you increasing your usage?

Sound of Flowing Water. Do you hear the sound of flowing water, even when no faucets are flowing?

Low Water Pressure. Do your faucets or shower heads have low water pressure, either sometimes or constantly?

Wet Spots. Have you noticed any damp spots on the floor, ceiling, or walls?

Damaged paint or wallpaper. Is your paint or wallpaper peeling, cracking or blistering?
Ceiling stains. Are there dark water stains on the area of ceiling under a bathroom?
Recurring mold or mildew.  Are you seeing mold or mildew outside of areas where you regularly bathe, such as baseboards or flooring?

Deteriorating floor. Are your floor tiles starting to gap, or starting to feel spongy and soft?

Musty Smell. Do you smell old, accumulated water, even after you’ve thoroughly cleaned your bathroom? 
If you’ve noticed any of these signs, call ARS®/Rescue Rooter® at 1-800-277-9400. Our plumbers can help you reduce water waste.

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