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Beware of Holiday Plumbing Disasters

Holiday-Plumb-Disaster-Blog-(1).jpgFor many homeowners, the holidays are a time filled with cooking meals, hosting houseguests and entertaining company. But often, visiting family and friends may put more stress on your home’s plumbing than it’s used to. Don’t spend the season dealing with a plumbing emergency. Learn how to protect your home from a holiday plumbing disaster.

Toilet Clogs       

Increased bathroom traffic from an influx of houseguests can easily lead to a clogged toilet. Prevent unnecessary clogs by keeping a trashcan next to your toilet, and remind your guests not to flush sanitary napkins, paper towels, baby wipes, etc.  But keep a plunger nearby in case a clog occurs.
Damaged Garbage Disposal

Holiday get-togethers typically revolve around food. But during meal preparation or clean-up, you might throw damaging food scraps down your kitchen’s garbage disposal, causing broken blades or tough clogs. To prevent damage to your disposal, learn about jam hazards (bones, fruit pits, hard shells) and cumulative cloggers (grease, peels, skins) that cause unnecessary wear and tear.

Burst Water Heater

Your home’s water heater may be the most important part of your plumbing system, but over-use during the cold winter months could put it at risk of malfunctioning. To keep your water heater operating in top condition, schedule preventative maintenance at least once a year. If you are starting to have problems with your water heater and it is 10 years or older, you might want to consider replacing it.
Has your home been hit with a plumbing disaster? Call Rescue Rooter® at 1-800-277-9400 today for more information about our plumbing services.

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