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First-time Homeowner HVAC Q & A

first-time-homeowner-hvac-q-a.jpgBuying your first home is an exciting milestone, but with it come some new responsibilities—especially in the home maintenance department. Proper care of your home’s HVAC, plumbing and other systems may help you extend their service life, avoid costly repairs and protect your investment. After all, there's no landlord to call if things go wrong!
Here are a few frequently asked questions we hear from first-time homeowners about HVAC care.
Q: Is my HVAC under warranty?
A: If you recently bought a new home, your HVAC is probably under warranty, assuming you properly registered it with the manufacturer (typically within 90 days after closing).
The HVAC in a resale home, even a newly installed system, may not have a manufacturer's warranty that's transferable to you. If it is transferable, you’ll need to contact the company to file the paperwork and possibly pay a transfer fee. An ARS®/Rescue Rooter® HVAC professional may be able to assist you.
A home warranty might cover your HVAC system, depending on the terms of your policy. When in doubt, read the fine print on your insurance agreement or call the insurer.
Q: How often should I have my HVAC professionally inspected and serviced?
A: At least once a year, you should call in a pro to inspect and tune up your HVAC equipment. Regular maintenance will keep the equipment running efficiently and may help you spot potential problems before they become expensive repairs.
Q: How often should I change my air filter?
A: Check your HVAC manufacturer's guidelines for their recommendation, but typically you’ll want to change or clean your filter every month or two.
Congratulations on your home purchase! We hope you'll keep our number handy in case you need HVAC service, emergency repair or help in selecting and installing new equipment in the future: 1-800-277-9400.
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