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5 Home Repairs You Shouldn't Delay

5 Home Repairs You Shouldn't Delay
Home maintenance may not be your favorite way to spend time and money, but the alternative could be much worse. Fix these five minor nuisances before they become major headaches.
1. Anything that leaks. Whether it's a faucet, toilet, water heater or ice maker, if it's wasting water it needs to be fixed sooner, not later. Even a small leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water if neglected. Plus, adding unnecessary moisture to your home could cause water damage and encourage mold growth.
2. Anything that strains your equipment. A dirty air filter or scaling in your water heater may seem like a trivial problem, but time isn't on your side. The harder your equipment has to work to do the same job, the more energy you'll pay for on your utility bill. What is worse is all that extra wear and tear could cause breakdowns and ultimately reduce the life expectancy of your valuable systems.
3. Anything that's a fire hazard. Clean your lint trap regularly and have your dryer vent vacuumed out at least once a year. Keep your chimney free from soot buildup. Have loose outlets replaced. Hire an electrician to fix switches that pop or lights that flicker. Schedule a seasonal furnace tune-up and air duct cleaning.
4. Anything that affects your indoor air quality. Problems like mold, mildew, carbon monoxide and radon should be addressed promptly, since they can affect your health.
5. Anything that wastes energy. Leaky seals around windows and doors, cracks or holes in exterior walls and poor insulation can all be a drain on your heating and cooling budget. The longer you wait to address them, the more money you'll waste.
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