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Smart Home Technology (That Saves!)

Smart Home Technology
Automation has reached almost every aspect of our lives, from home security and fire detection to remote controlled crock pots and programmable showerheads. Fun and convenience are big selling points in this growing market, but did you know many smart technologies may also help you conserve energy or water?
The following gadgets can be controlled via smartphone or tablet, and may even be voice controlled if you have a home automation hub.

Smart Thermostat
You're probably familiar with programmable thermostats, which allow you to save energy by cutting back heating and cooling demands while you're asleep or away. Smart thermostats take that idea a step further. Depending on your model, you may be able to set up heating and cooling schedules based on your phone’s GPS data (geofencing) or just let it learn your energy habits and make its own adjustments to optimize efficiency.
Smart Lighting
Smart lighting doesn't mean choosing an LED bulb over incandescent (though that is a smart idea). It refers to a lighting system you can control via WiFi. Depending on the type you get, you may be able to dim the lights, change their color, schedule them to turn off or on depending on the time or your location (if you're using geofencing), and more.
Smart Sprinklers
Ever realize it's raining right before your sprinklers are scheduled to run? If you're at home (and awake), it’s no big deal to turn them off. If you're not, you’ve probably just had to resign yourself to the waste.
With the right smart sprinkler system, not only could you shut the water off remotely, but odds are good that it wasn't planning to run anyway. Using data from online weather services, some systems can automatically optimize your irrigation schedule so you’re less likely to waste water. One brand claims it can save up to 50% on outdoor watering costs.
Smart Shades
Raising and lowering your window blinds can be as easy as flipping a light switch with smart, motorized window coverings. Taking advantage of natural light instead of electricity can add up to surprising savings, both in energy and light bulbs.
Hopefully your home has well insulated, low-emissivity windows to prevent heat loss in winter and solar gain in the summer. If not, this gadget could offer additional savings if you set your shades to close automatically while you're out.
Looking for other ways to improve your home's comfort or energy efficiency? Call us today at 1-800-277-9400. We have lots of ideas!
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