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Bruce Bates Exemplifies Outstanding Customer Service

Bruce Bates

Bruce Bates has been with ARS for 35 years. Prior to working for ARS, Bruce was a pipe fitter. His first position with the company was a trainee drain cleaner. Bruce worked all over the country. He went from assistant manager in the Bay Area, to the General Manager in Salt Lake City, UT. Another few moves from Denver, CO, to Seattle, WA, he finally landed in Memphis, TN, in 2000. He had many different positions including Director of Acquisition Application, a role in plumbing sales and division plumbing sales management role. A few years ago he decided to stick to doing what he loves the most – being a plumber and helping others solve problems.

“There’s always been part of me that really enjoys helping people. I get a good feeling from making someone’s day better. I really believe you can accomplish anything you want by helping others get what they want. How would you like to be treated if you were a customer? You’d want someone knowledgeable, skillful, polite, respectful, and trustworthy. I try to be those things for our customers. When I get in that truck that says ‘Conway Services/ARS’, I picture it saying “Bruce Bates Plumbing Company.” I want to be proud of everything I’m doing. If my interaction with a customer was on the 5 o’clock news from start to finish and everyone got to watch, I’d want to be proud of myself.”

“Bruce shows equal care for the customer and the business. He pays incredible attention to detail and understands his worth in the company. Bruce has a lot of experience and delivers expert input during team meetings and helps coworkers who are struggling. He has a great attitude and is always willing to help.” Jason Green, Plumbing Manager, Conway Services. Bruce was kind enough to be the lead actor in our “Hug a Plumber Day” video. Thank you to Ann Stanback, Clint Sowell, Girlie Brewer, Kayla Hillhouse, Chris Montgomery, and Lee Clarke from the corporate office who were the supporting cast members. You can watch it here:

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