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Can Castle Competition 2018

During the school year, low-income students may receive breakfast, lunch, snacks and weekend meals—all distributed through their school. However, when schools close, there are fewer options for kids to get food and more pressure on families. Our company had 41 service centers participate in a can and non-perishable food drive to support their local food banks. However, in order to keep things creative, we made the competition a “Can Castle Competition,” where the items collected were constructed into castle-like structures. Locations around the country collected from their employees from March 26th to April 26th, and the final count was approximately 52,000 food items!

Each branch was judged on creativity as well as the number of can items collected. Check out the results!

Grand Prize Winner: ARS/Rescue Rooter Illinois


The branch made an intricate castle complete with turrets and watchtowers. Additionally, Chicago employees donated over 10,000 items for their local food bank. “An essential part of our culture here is giving back to our community,” says Scott Toomey, General Manager for ARS/Rescue Rooter Illinois. “Our employees had a great time constructing the castle, but more importantly, we were all overwhelmed by the mass of the donations, and we know they will be put to good use.”

1st Runner-Up: ARS/Rescue Rooter Richmond


2nd Runner-Up: ARS/Rescue Rooter Cleveland


Most Creative: Brothers Air


We are so proud of all of our service centers who participated! Our company quadrupled the number of canned food items and doubled the amount of participation since last year. We look forward to next year!

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