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Conway Services sponsors local bike repair stations at Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, TN

Cyclists riding along the Shelby Farms Greenline and at Shelby Farms Park can keep their bikes in running order thanks to an new partnership between Shelby Farms Park Conservancy and Conway ServicesSM, an ARS® / Rescue Rooter® Network company.  With the growing number of cyclists at the Park and on the Greenline, Shelby Farms Park Conservancy and Conway Services have teamed up to provide four bicycle repair stations at the Park and at the terminus of Shelby Farms Greenline. These innovative repair stations are free to use and will allow cyclists to perform minor repairs on their bikes. The stations include an elevated bike stand, an air pump, and simple bike tools that will allow users to fix flat tires, tighten loose screws, adjust seats, handlebars, and more.
“Shelby Farms is such a beautiful part of Memphis. It seemed like a natural fit for Conway Services to give back to the community by sponsoring the bike repair stations. In our business we certainly understand what happens when things break down and this will be a nice addition to the park when a cyclist has a breakdown on a hot Memphis day.  At Conway Services we enjoying supporting the community and serving in any way we can to help our city be a healthier and more pleasant place to live,” said John Conway.
ABOUT SHELBY FARMS PARK CONSERVANCY (SFPC): Shelby Farms Park Conservancy is the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that is working to help Shelby Farms Park reach its potential as a celebrated urban park that defines and shapes a great city. SFPC manages and operates the 4,500 acres of Shelby Farms Park and 6.5 miles of Shelby Farms Greenline. Each year, SFPC privately raises more than $2 million (more than 75 percent of its operating budget) to keep the Park and Greenline clean, green and safe.
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