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Diagnosing and Fixing High Water Pressure at Your Home

High water pressure doesn’t sound like a problem, does it? Turns out it can actually lead to some serious issues that could affect all the plumbing appliances in your home.

You want high water pressure while taking a shower or washing a car, but it's the last thing you want for your home or your water bill. And, unfortunately, it can go undetected with no signs until a pressure problem causes significant damage to your home's plumbing system.

The high water pressure in your home can put extra stress on your pipes, and can even lead to leaks. The solution to this serious problem is with a pressure regulator. 

What Happens if Your Water Pressure Is Too High?

Did you know the average home plumbing system is not equipped to handle water pressure that is over 80 psi? Here are a few reasons to think twice about a potentially high water pressure problem in your home:

It can damage your pipes. Water can be a powerful force in a house. It does its damage over long periods of time and often without us even knowing something is wrong. With high water pressure flowing and stopping in your pipes, it can cause long-term damage like small leaks. Might not sound too bad, but these leaks can lead to structural damage and even pipe bursts.

It can damage your hot water heater. When expands when heated. Most water heaters have a thermal expansion tank to help take on that extra volume. But if your water pressure is consistently over 80 psi, your water heater might run out of space for that expanding water to go, causing significant water heater failure.

Wear and tear on fixtures and appliances. A home's water pressure is essential things like your dishwasher, washing machine, and other appliances that use water. High water pressure can cut the lifespan of your appliances, causing you to replace them more often. Additionally, you'll experience more leaking faucets around the home, like in the kitchen sink, a toilet running, or the shower spitting water out even if you haven't taken one recently.

Wasted water and higher water bills. You'll let out more water every time you turn on a faucet with high water pressure. If you live in a place where you have to pay for water as part of your utilities, high pressure could end up costing you more each month.

How Do I Know if My Water Pressure Is Too High?

Wondering how to diagnose if your home has fallen victim to high water pressure? There are some common signs you can watch out for. The following are just some of the symptoms you could be experiencing as a result of high water pressure.

  1. Are your faucets leaking or dripping even after you had the washers replaced?
  2. Do you notice that your toilets are running even when not in use?
  3. Are you hearing strange banging noises coming from your pipes?
  4. Have you taken some cold showers recently?
  5. Are your appliances making as much noise as your children?
  6. Do your appliances that use water undergoes frequent breakdowns?
  7. Do you live at the bottom of a hill?
  8. Do you live near a fire hydrant?

Unfortunately, high water pressure is commonly caused by something outside of your control. The only precaution you can take is to regulate the pressure as the water passes from the main water line into your home.

Water Pressure Regulator

Even if your water pressure only occasionally shoots over the 80 psi mark, it's not a bad investment to install a water pressure regulator on your main water line. Pressure regulators will slow down the flow entering your home and keep the psi at reasonable levels. This will also save you money from paying for excess water you don't need, as well as defending your plumbing and faucets from unwanted wear and tear.

Water Pressure Gauge

A water pressure gauge is a measuring device used to measure the pressure of water within a system of pipes. You can buy one of these for about $10 at a local hardware store and check the psi of your home's water pressure yourself. Simply attached the water pressure gauge to an outdoor faucet, and be sure to remove the hose before twisting the gauge in. Then simply turn the faucet all the way, and then read the psi on the gauge's dial.

Expert Plumbing Advice a Phone Call Away

A water pressure plumbing repair is not something most people are comfortable tackling on their own. The best thing you can do is contact a professional plumber. A professional plumbing company, like ARS/Rescue Rooter, will help diagnose your water pressure problem and provide the right solution for your home.

If you believe your home is suffering from water hammer or high water pressure, find your nearest ARS/Rescue Rooter location and schedule an appointment with our trained plumbers. We’re available for emergency plumbing service near you 7 days a week too!

Do I high water pressure?

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