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We care about your health and continue to service our customers safely through our COVID-19 protocols.

We continue to service our customers safely through our COVID-19 protocols.

Education that Works - Memphis Catholic

ARS/Rescue Rooter corporate office is in its sixth year of sponsoring Memphis Catholic High School’s “Education that Works” intern program.
The program provides students with real world job experiences while allowing them to earn a large portion of the cost of their education. Students are asked what career they are most interested in pursuing, and then they are placed at organizations that can best fit their experiential needs. The students become interns at their assigned place of work, and they are held as responsible as any other employee. They even undergo performance reviews! Our four interns at ARS/Rescue Rooter work every Thursday and then one Friday per month. This program is an integral part of their educational experience at Memphis Catholic High School, and ARS is proud to assist these young people in growing into future business men and women.

"The program, Education that Works, has been in exsistence since 2006. With that first class in 2007, all of our ninth through twelfth graders began to go to work one day a week. Ten years ago, in our second year, I reached out to Mr. Dickie Gauththreaux, and he put me back in touch with Jim McMahon, who had been a friend years before and I said we need to talk. That's where we began our realtionship and ten years later we're still going strong." - Ted Schreck, Director of Education that Works at Memphis Catholic Middle & High School. 

"We've (ARS) been involved since almost day one and we like the program because it basically was an opportunity to give kids that maybe might not have a shot to be able to afford a private education. And might be in a tough economic situation and need an opportunity to get themselved to advance furthur. It gave us the opportunity to help them in an appropriate way. We have needs in our business where we would normally have temporary people or others coming in and we're able to bring in the students in that program and for ten years they've done an outstanding job for us." - Jim McMahon, Senior VP and CFO of ARS.
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