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10 Home Hacks to Try in the New Year

Happy New Year Friends!

Are you hoping to make life easier in 2024? Then you should start where your heart is—at home! According to Flowing Data, Americans spend about 62% of their waking time at home. With so much time spent around the homestead, why wouldn’t we want our indoor living to be as comfy, simple, and happy as possible?

To kick off the new year on the right foot, our home pros are sharing 10 easy-to-follow “home hacks” that may improve quality time at home—and make your life easier, too. Whether you’re looking to get organized, freshen up a stinky microwave, or wondering how to remove hard water stains, our little tricks have you covered. Ready? Let’s go!

Try these “hacks” in 2024.

1.Become a planner.

If you want to stay organized, you need to start with a solid plan. Need to schedule that annual HVAC tune-up? Trying to budget for a family vacation? Start by writing everything down in a daily planner. Writing goals down keeps you accountable and will also help you remember dates and appointments.

2.Set goals.

Setting goals goes hand in hand with becoming a planner. Whether you’re looking to lose 10 pounds by Easter, budgeting for a furnace replacement in the new year, or vowing to eat better, the goals you set should be clearly outlined and placed where you can see them. If you’ve purchased that new daily planner, write your goals in colorful marker so you’ll see them easily!

3.Use rechargeable batteries.

One way to save money in the long run is to invest in rechargeable batteries. Sure, they may cost more upfront, but you’ll always usable have batteries on hand, and you’ll be keeping standard batteries out of landfills, too. It’s a win-win.

4.Clean ceiling fans with a pillowcase.

Reversing the direction of your ceiling fan to clockwise in the wintertime will push warm air from the ceiling down into your living space. But before doing this, you’ll want to clean your fan’s blades. Use a pillowcase to slide over the blade and pull it off. This collects the dust in the case, instead of it free falling onto the floor!

5.Purchase a flexible grabber tool.

Clogged drain? Having a flexible grabber tool that can get into hard-to-reach spots is key. Grab tools (also called claws) are great for pulling gunk out of drains. Your local hardware store should carry them. Plus, it could save you from having to call an emergency plumber!

6.Exercise more.

OK, you want to exercise more, but how do you get motivated to start? Tell yourself you’ll start with 10 minutes and be sure to do an activity that you enjoy. Whether it’s walking the dog, lifting weights, or riding a bike, start with just 10-minutes of movement. Chances are, once you’ve done 10 minutes, your body will want more.

7.Remove pet hair easily.

Got pets? If so, then you also have pet hair. Vacuuming works well for scooping up dog hair, but if you’re in a pinch and need a makeshift lint roller, try this trick: Place duct tape on a sponge or even a paint roller and watch the sticky magic pull up hair. If you’re super serious about reducing pet hair and other dust from inside your home, we highly recommend investing in an indoor air quality system.

8.Clean the bathroom exhaust vent.

Have you ever stood in your bathroom, looked up, and seen a dirty exhaust vent? You’re not alone! A simple way to clean a dusty vent is with some canned air. Aim, shoot, and clean!

9. Freshen a stinky microwave.

If you use your microwave regularly, it’s probably due for a cleaning. To clean, pour about half a cup of water into a glass bowl. Slice a lemon and squeeze some juice into the water. Add the lemon slice. Microwave on high for about three minutes. Keep the door shut and let the steam and the lemon fill the microwave for about five minutes. When five minutes is up, open, and wipe clean!

10. Remove hard water stains.

Does your showerhead have hard water stains staring back at you while you shower? You can remove hard water stains, mildew, and other gunk with vinegar. Fill a sandwich bag with vinegar and rubber band it around the shower head. Let it soak for several hours before removing. You can also add a lemon slice to the bag to help neutralize the smell. Wipe clean with a wet rag, and watch it sparkle!

Happy New Year from ARS!

However you decide to improve your home in 2024, the entire ARS team wishes you a happy and healthy new year while you do it.

As always, when you need heating repair, HVAC replacement, or electric water heater maintenance, we’ll be here seven days a week!

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