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How ARS Succeeds at Customer Experience

How-ARS-Succeeds-at-Customer-Experience_Blog-Teaser.jpgAccording to Joe Wheeler, Executive Director of The Service Profit Chain Institute and writer for Business2Community, there are 5 common practices businesses model that translate into measureable impact on the customer experience:
  1. They do the math
  2. They engage leaders
  3. They change things that matter
  4. They enroll everybody
  5. They measure the right things
Wheeler used ARS as an example of each of these 5 points in his article “Why Are Some Companies Succeeding at Customer Experience?” Here are some excerpts from his article:
  1. Doing the math. “This means that before they go too far in spending real money on introducing improvements, they create a shared understanding of the incremental revenue and margin impact from investing in the customer experience.”
  2. Engage Leaders:  “Companies that get real results around the customer experience create unshakeable commitment and alignment across the senior leadership ranks of the organization. At most organizations including ARS, this takes work. Through formal and informal meetings, town halls, site visits and customer service calls, the senior team worked hard to create a commitment to a new customer promise and set of planned initiatives that ensured achievement of the business case.”
  3. Change things that matter: “This really is the most misunderstood part of the whole thing. For example, ARS did qualitative and quantitative research to understand which touch points in the experience mattered to customers and what front-line behaviors had the most impact in creating Promoters. Companies like ARS realize that it isn’t just about meeting the need of customers, it is also about meeting the needs of employees and shareholders.”
To read the rest of the case study click here!
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