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INFOGRAPHIC: Vinegar Household Hero

Vinegar: Household Hero

With so many different uses around the house, vinegar deserves a special place in your home and heart. Besides being highly effective, it’s non-toxic, inexpensive and widely available. Check out these lesser-known hacks that can improve your home’s space, systems and appliances.

Clean Household Surfaces
You can make your very own all-purpose cleaning solution for household items and surfaces by combining distilled (white) vinegar and water in equal proportions.  You can increase the cleaning power by combining vinegar with baking soda (1/4 cup vinegar to 1 cup baking soda), and use the mixture to scrub stubborn spots, clean your oven, or even remove water rings from furniture! These household, homemade solutions will help keep your home looking and smelling great, without adding chemicals that can contribute to indoor air pollution.

Unclog a Drain
Clear clogged drains by pouring in a 1/2 cup of baking soda followed by 1 cup of vinegar, and seal the drain with a stopper. Allow the mixture to sit in the drain for half an hour.  The resulting foaming action will help loosen and break up the clog. This method is quick, non-toxic, and less harmful to your pipes than some commercial drain cleaners.

Clear Your AC Drain
Over time, your air conditioner’s condensate drain can become clogged with accumulated dirt and debris. Many companies recommend pouring bleach down your condensation drain to clean it, but instead try using about 1/2 gallon of vinegar twice a year to avoid potential damage and corrosion to your equipment.

Stops Static Cling
Vinegar can be added to your wash cycle to help reduce static cling.  It can also help keep dryer lint from sticking to your clothing.  All you have to do spray some vinegar on a washcloth and throw it in the dryer with your clothes.  And don’t worry; the vinegar will not make your clothes smell anything less than fresh.

Wash Your Dishwasher
Sanitizing your dishwasher is a good way to ensure its working efficiently.  Once a month, add a cup or so of vinegar into your dishwasher and run it through a cycle with no dishes inside.  This can help to keep it clean and operating smoothly.

Restore Showerhead Pressure
Did you know that soaking your showerhead in distilled vinegar can remove mineral deposit buildup?  Just cover the showerhead with a plastic bag filled with vinegar.  Make sure the showerhead is submerged and leave it overnight.  When you wake up the next day, you will have a like-new showerhead waiting for you!
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Vinegar household hero

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