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Trenchless Pipe Repair: The Advantages of No-Dig

sewer-line-blog-teaser.jpgA damaged sewer line can bring a soggy lawn, collapsed driveway, or smelly sinkhole right into your backyard, so it’s important to repair sewer line problems as quickly as possible. In the past, repairing pipes meant digging them up and replacing them, a process that can be costly as well as intrusive. But a broken sewer line doesn’t always have to mean ripping up your yard. Here are some of the top advantages to choosing trenchless sewer line repair.
  • Less time-consuming. Trenchless sewer line repairs can typically be completed the same day, while traditional re-piping methods can take up to several days or even weeks.
  • Less intrusive. Trenchless technology allows pipes to be repaired or replaced with less impact on existing infrastructure.
  • No Landscape Destruction. Trenchless sewer line repairs gets the job done without digging up your landscape or driveway.
  • Cost Savings. Trenchless sewer line repair methods generally require less labor, fewer technicians and fewer hours than traditional re-piping methods, cutting down on costs.
  • Protection against future problems. With a trenchless sewer line replacement, your old line will be replaced with a sturdier and more durable pipe.
Trenchless sewer line repair can reduce the labor, cost and mess of involved with traditional repairs. Call ARS®/Rescue Rooter® at 1-800-277-9400 to find out whether advanced no-dig technology is the best repair method for you.
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