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My Mini Split Will Not Power On; What Next?

mini-split-power-(1).jpgIf your ductless mini-split will not power on, ARS/Rescue Rooter can recommend some basic troubleshooting tips for our customers to try before calling for service. Sometimes the problem is a simple one and can be fixed without contacting an HVAC professional. That being said, mini-splits are best serviced by an experienced technician if something more involved is wrong with the system. Repairs can be complex and may require specialized equipment and parts.

If you believe your mini-split system needs immediate repair, find your nearest ARS/Rescue Rooter location to book your appointment online right away!

We do not recommend that repairs be completed by anyone other than a licensed HVAC contractor, such as those we employ at ARS/Rescue Rooter. While easy checks can be a good move, any serious work that needs to be done on your system should be carried out by someone with experience working on these systems, both for your safety and so that there is no damage to the unit.

Below you’ll find some basics for homeowners to check before mini-split picking up the phone and requesting one of our technicians.

Ductless Mini-Split Troubleshooting Tips

Keep this checklist handy in case you have issues with your mini-split system. Take a look at each of these bullet points and see if you can fix the unit yourself with a simple suggestion, such as:

Unit Not Powering On

  • Check the plug. Although it may seem basic, a quick check to make sure the unit hasn’t been unplugged by another family member is always a smart step. Double check that the mini-split’s plug is securely pushed into the outlet.
  • Check the power. Is your mini-split unit the only thing that isn’t powering on? Or are your lights and other electric devices also not working? If so, you may be experiencing a power outage, or a fuse may have blown in your home, causing the problem.
  • Check batteries. If your unit uses a remote control to turn the mini-split on and off, double check the batteries to make sure they aren’t the problem.

Unit Not Cooling Properly

  • Check your temperature setting. Make sure you have it set to cool, and that the temperature that it is dialed in at is correct.
  • Check doors and windows. Opening doors or windows in your home can reduce or eliminate cool air that is being produced by the mini-split unit.
  • Check the filter. Dirty filters should be cleaned or changed out periodically for maximum efficiency.

Unit Not Running Right

Check error code. If your mini-split unit displays error codes that you can look up in your manual, you may want to take a look and see what it says. Even if you can’t fix the unit yourself, you can provide that information to our HVAC repair technician so they are aware of what the problem is before they arrive.

Re-set and re-start unit. If your mini-split system isn’t working properly you may want to turn it off and then unplug it before trying it again, just to see if that takes care of the problem. Be sure to wait the amount of time recommended by your manual before re-starting the unit. Some units may even lock you out and prevent a re-start for a certain amount of time as a safety feature.

Prevention and Repair Work on Mini-Splits

If you find that your mini-split unit is still giving you issues after some basic troubleshooting, it’s time to call the professionals for help. We can get a technician out to you quickly to identify the problem and fix it so you can be back up and running again in no time. Our expert team members troubleshoot fast and work hard to get things finished right. We know it’s inconvenient to be at the mercy of the elements for any length of time!

Preventative maintenance can really go a long way toward eliminating issues in ductless mini-split systems. We recommend regular maintenance be completed on any and all HVAC equipment to keep it working properly for you. ARS/Rescue Rooter would be happy to set you up on a regular maintenance schedule if you are interested in ongoing care that can save you money in the long run. Just like your car, a mini-split system can really benefit from a professional tune-up here and there. It helps everything run the way it’s supposed to and helps identify any problem areas before they get out of hand.

Please get in touch with our office to schedule any HVAC maintenance or repair work on your heating and air conditioning mini-split system. We’ll be glad to do whatever you need!

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