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Finding and Fixing Air Duct Leaks

Most homeowners experience significant energy-efficiency losses through air leaks in their ductwork. But these leaks often can easily be found and repaired. Read more below about how you can start saving!
These warning signs may indicate that your ducts are not sealed properly:
  • Hot and cold spots throughout your home
  • Higher summer and winter utility bills
  • Stuffy and uncomfortable feeling in some rooms
  • Ductwork is located in a crawlspace, attic or garage
Although minor duct repairs are easy to make, hire a qualified professional to seal ducts in unconditioned spaces. Make sure to confirm beforehand if your technician can perform the following services:
  • Wipe the ductwork to ensure proper bonding with the sealant
  • Use a fibrous sealant with a fiberglass or foil tape to seal your ducts (no duct tape!)
  • Spread duct mastic across the seams, joints, holes and cracks of your ductwork.
Direct benefits from professional duct sealing include:
  • Enhanced comfort with reduced stuffiness and temperature swings
  • Better indoor air quality with fewer dust and debris particles
  • Enhanced safety  with no “backdrafting”
  • Improved energy efficiency with significant savings on heating and cooling costs.
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