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Protect Yourself from Holiday Plumbing Disasters

How to protect your plumbingThe holidays are a time for togetherness. But during the holiday season, visiting family and friends may put more strain on your home’s plumbing than it’s ready to handle. Don’t spend the season dealing with a plumbing emergency. Learn how to protect your home from a holiday plumbing disaster.

Drain Clogs
Kitchen sink clogs usually result from excessive amounts of food being flushed down the drain, but often, partially-clogged drains slip under the radar until the holidays when the problem worsens. To avoid clogged drains, check all your household sinks beforehand to make sure none are draining slowly. Be sure to clear any food scraps and wipe away excess grease before rinsing dishes in your sink.
Broken garbage disposal
The holidays almost always include family gatherings with lots of food. But during meal preparation or clean-up, starchy, fibrous or greasy foods can damage your kitchen’s garbage disposal. Learn what foods not to put down your garbage disposal and stay on top of day-to-day maintenance and cleaning to keep your disposal working properly.

Toilet Clogs       
Increased bathroom traffic from an influx of houseguests can easily lead to a clogged toilet. Prevent unnecessary clogs by keeping a trashcan next to your toilet, and remind your guests not to flush sanitary napkins, paper towels, baby wipes, etc.  But keep a plunger nearby in case a clog occurs.
Insufficient Hot Water
With holiday houseguests giving your shower much more use than normal, your water heater may not be able to supply enough hot water for everyone.  The best way to prevent this problem is by giving your shower a 10 minute break between uses, and temporarily turning up your water heater to 125 degrees— but no higher.  Consider a tankless water heater if you are always running out of hot water.
Frozen Pipes
Frigid winter temperatures put your plumbing at risk for freezing; and pipes located outdoors, along poorly-insulated exterior walls, under sinks and in unheated crawl spaces are especially vulnerable. To prevent your pipes from freezing, disconnect your garden hose in the fall, and shut off the water valve that leads to the outdoor faucets. Add insulation to exposed indoor pipes in unheated areas.

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