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Protect your Plumbing this 4th of July

4THofJuly-(1).jpgIndependence Day is a great time to fire up the grill and open your home to friends and neighbors. But while you're planning the perfect BBQ, don't forget to safeguard the part of your home that's most vulnerable to extra and unusual use: your plumbing. 
Garbage disposal
Save your garbage disposal from helpful (but misguided) guests who dump food in the sink indiscriminately. Set up trash receptacles and don't be shy about labeling them. You could even have separate bins for recyclables and compostables.

Not sure what should or shouldn't go in your disposal? That's another story (this one).
A dish tub near the waste cans may encourage guests to keep your sink and kitchen countertops clutter free, allowing you to tackle the chore on your own terms after the party. That way, you won't have to worry about an improperly loaded dishwasher.
If your guest bathroom will see a lot of traffic this holiday, prepare it for the worst.
  • Make sure your trash can is empty and clearly visible. Guests should not feel the toilet is their only way to discard un-flushable items like baby wipes, sanitary napkins, or paper towels.
  • Place the plunger in view or post a note about its location. Guests may be too embarrassed about a clog to ask.
  • Politely set the expectation that small children should be accompanied to the restroom. If you think there's a chance that won't happen, place anything flush-sized above their reach.   
  • Check the toilet tissue supply and make sure reserves are easy to find. No one wants guests to improvise.
Ok, this one actually protects you and your party from your plumbing, instead of the other way around. If your sprinklers are on a timer, make sure to turn them off in areas you’ll be entertaining. A sudden shower of cold water can be quite a damper on the festivities.
We hope you’ll have a safe and happy 4th of July, but if any plumbing emergencies do arise, remember we’re here 24/7/365 to take your call: 1-800-277-9400!
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