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Signs of Wear and Tear on your Air Ducts

Wear-TearOnAirDucts_BlogTeaser.jpgLeaky, dirty air ducts can take a toll on your comfort, your indoor air quality and your pocketbook. Be on the lookout for these red flags. They could be signs your ducts are in need of repair.

  1. Hot or cold areas in your home. If your home has been evenly heated or cooled in the past, but now has areas where the temperature isn't right, you may be losing conditioned air somewhere in your system.
  2. A dusty smell, or an unusual buildup of dust in your home. Leaks may allow dust and debris to enter your ducts at a point that's past your air filters.
  3. Weak air flow from vents. There are several possible causes for a drop in air pressure from your vents. Air duct leakage is a common one!
  4. Greater energy use. If your bills are unusually high for this time of year, your HVAC might be working harder than it should to achieve your desired temperature.
  5. Loose ducts or joints, or other visible damage. If you aren't the home’s first owner, you may find your ducts may have sections that are improperly installed or maintained. Take a look at any exposed duct work you can; you may be able to spot things like peeling duct tape, failed patches, holes or loose connections.

Of course, the best way to ensure your ducts are clean and leak-free is to call for a professional inspection. Our technicians will keep your system running efficiently or, if you're looking to upgrade, help you find the right equipment for your needs and space. Call 1-800-277-9400 today to make an appointment or learn more about us!

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