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Top 5 Reasons to Insulate Your Pipes this Winter

According to insurance carrier esurance, water damage claims are the second most frequently filed in the U.S., averaging $10,000 for residential properties. Arguably, one of the simplest types of water losses to prevent is a leak from a frozen pipe. Before temperatures plunge, you might want to consider these reasons to insulate your pipes now.
  1. Protecting your pipes is easy! There are a variety of DIY ways to minimize your risk of pipe breaks, and most of them are inexpensive. Speaking of costs...
  2. Pipe bursts are expensive. While your homeowner's insurance may cover claims due to pipe breaks (be sure to ask your agent if you don't know!) you’ll still have to pay your deductible. If your claims adjuster finds that the break was preventable, you may be stuck with the entire cost of your loss.
  3. Pipe bursts are inconvenient. Since temperatures typically drop at night, odds are good that a break will happen when you're not awake to catch it. Even if you do, you may have a hard time finding emergency help (unless you call us). Sadly, that's only the start of the inconvenience. If you work outside the home, prepare to take time off to deal with your insurance company, disaster recovery service and other repair people as they come in and out of your house for days or weeks.
  4. Did we mention they’re expensive? Your insurance may foot the bill for your water loss, but they may not pay for the repair of the burst pipe. Depending on where the leak is, that cost may be hundreds or even thousands of dollars.
  5. Some things aren't replaceable. Flooding can damage personal mementos like photos, scrapbooks, Grandma’s wedding dress or an heirloom quilt. It's a good idea to store such things in waterproof containers anyway, but they are one more reason to prevent any flooding you can. 
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