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Top 5 Reasons You Should Have an Efficient Attic

EfficientAtticSystems_BlogTeaser-(1).jpgBecause an attic is out of sight, it’s often out of mind. That can make it a secret source of wasted energy, costing you money and impacting the environment. Here are the top five reasons you should consider turning your attic into one that works for you, not against you. 
  1. You will save money - Efficient Attic Systems (EAS), part of the ARS/Rescue Rooter network of services, specializes in helping you save up to 30% on your heating and cooling bills by targeting the unseen inefficiencies caused by your home’s attic.
  2. You will improve your home’s insulation - Your attic’s insulation could prevent the air in your attic from mixing with the air in your home. Many homes either have insufficient or poorly-installed attic insulation. As a result, the insulation is not effective.
  3. You will improve your home’s ventilation – There’s a science to getting the best airflow in your home. Unlike the doors and windows in your living spaces that need to be sealed tightly, your attic needs to “breathe,” so the warm air and moisture you don’t want can circulate out, as fresh air comes in.
  4. You will get better heat reflection - EAS applies a SolaShield™ Radiant Barrier to the underside of your roof decking to block much of the sun’s radiant energy away from your attic. This cools your attic and prevents your air conditioner from working harder.
  5. You can get a free estimate - Watch this video to learn more about how EAS can save you money and improve your home’s efficiency. Then, schedule a free appointment today!
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