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VIDEO: 6 Tips for Protecting Yourself from Indoor Allergies this Spring

It’s the beginning of allergy season. Here are six tips to get prepared and handle those spring allergies like a pro:

Tip #1 – Consult a doctor if your allergy symptoms are preventing you from enjoying every day activities. Take allergy medication regularly, or as prescribed by your doctor. Be sure to never miss a day during allergy season.

Tip #2 – Start spring cleaning early. Sweep out the cobwebs and get ahead on your spring cleaning. The earlier you start, the easier your allergy season will be. Dust everything from light fixtures to book cases, wash curtains, sweep floors, and vacuum everything possible, even furniture.

Tip #3 – Keep an eye on pollen levels. Head to to check out your local pollen count. Keeping track of pollen levels on the days where you feel worse than others can help you plan ahead. If possible, stay inside during the midmorning and early evening; as those are peak pollen hours.

Tip #4 – Shut your windows. As the warmer weather rolls in we’re all tempted to shut off our HVAC units, open windows, and let fresh air in. However, this will definitely tack pollen inside of your home. Your home should be a safe haven from pollen, so let’s keep it that way!

Tip #5 – Change your air filter. Be sure to change your air filter every 3 months, or, as the manufacturer recommends. Also consider investing in home air purifiers, zippered pillowcases, and mattress encasements which can help reduce dust mites and pet allergies.

Tip #6 – Invest in a Whole House High Efficiency Duct Mount Air Cleaner. These machines work to clean your ducts and can reduce your exposure to indoor air pollutants, asthma triggers, allergens and other health risks. It silently and automatically treats the air in every room, making your home happier and healthier in the process.

Finally, if you need help, call ARS®/Rescue Rooter® at 1-800-277-9400 to speak to one of our indoor air-quality specialists on how to keep your home’s air clean and comfortable.

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