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What Are The Goals Of HVAC Maintenance?

hvac-maint-blog-min.jpgYour HVAC system doesn’t operate in a vacuum—over time, it is subjected to factors such as weather, dirt, and wear that can all affect its performance and increase the risk of heating or cooling problems. In fact, the majority of the HVAC repairs that technicians are called to make are due to issues that could have been minimized or prevented entirely through regular maintenance, making HVAC maintenance a top priority for home comfort and financial savings. Furthermore, HVAC maintenance plans are an easy way to maximize the benefits of an efficient home comfort system, from the reduced energy consumption you’re after to the effective home heating and cooling you deserve.

Greater Efficiency

An efficient HVAC system uses the least amount of energy possible to heat and cool your home. Some of the biggest roadblocks on the path to achieving energy efficiency are related to poor maintenance, including the buildup of dirt and dust inside your HVAC system and the effects of worn or poorly-lubricated moving parts. HVAC maintenance plans are a simple solution to this problem—your biannual maintenance services include cleaning and checks of every part of your system, eliminating dirt and ensuring parts are lubricated and in good repair. By keeping every part of your HVAC system in good shape, regular maintenance service will ensure your HVAC system operates with the highest efficiency possible every month of the year, rather than progressively losing efficiency due to lack of care.

Lower Breakdown Risk

One of the easiest ways to avoid air conditioning repair issues is to maintain your system regularly, which drastically reduces its risk of a breakdown for several reasons. During maintenance service, your HVAC system will be checked for any parts that may be wearing out or showing signs of damage, even if you haven’t noticed a change in heating or cooling performance. Regular cleaning and lubrication will reduce the stress experienced by the system, preventing parts such as the blower motor or fan belts from working harder than necessary and risking damage or burnout. By addressing these issues before they can affect HVAC function, you will keep your heating and cooling systems in good shape, preventing breakdowns associated with failing parts or strain caused by dirt and dust buildup.

Increased Longevity

Although no HVAC system will last forever, there are several reasons a heating or cooling appliance may fail before its expected lifetime has been reached. Dirt, wear, and damage are some of the most common reasons that homeowners must consider premature HVAC replacement, and all of these reasons can be eliminated with the regular service visits you’ll receive through HVAC maintenance plans. Investing in regular maintenance is a small present-day cost that will ultimately help you get greater returns from your HVAC system, not only by improving performance but also by ensuring you get more years of service out of your current system before you need to consider replacement.

ARS/Rescue Rooter's convenient HVAC maintenance plans in make it easy to keep your heating and air conditioning appliances in great shape so you can enjoy all the benefits of an efficient and problem-free home comfort system. When you enroll in a Home Service Plan with us, you’ll also get priority emergency service, preferred pricing, and a one-year warranty on all parts and labor, including HVAC repair and new furnace or AC installation.

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