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What Is a Heat Pump?

heat pump

It’s a Budget-Friendly Way to Heat & Cool Your Home

If you’re one of those homeowners who stays current on home energy savings, you may have recently heard of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022. If you haven’t, here’s a quick summary: The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is a bill that was signed into action by President Biden in August 2022 to help homeowners reduce energy costs and make home improvements more affordable.

While there are many great benefits that have resulted from this bill, one of the best outcomes is the rebates the government is awarding to homeowners who install new heat pumps in their homes. But how much do you know about the heat pump?  if you’re unfamiliar with these dual comfort systems, you might have questions. No problem. We have answers!

Heat Pumps 101

First things first. While it’s called a “heat” pump, this home comfort system does more than just heat your home. In fact, the heat pump is aptly named “heat” pump because its main function is to transfer heat in and out of your home (rather than generate it).

So, on hot, steamy days, it will push warm air from the inside of your home to the outside—so you stay comfortably cool. Then in the wintertime, it will transfer heat from the outdoors, warm it, and send it back inside to keep you cozy and warm. Pretty neat, huh? Not only is it neat, but it’s also highly efficient and uses about half as much energy than other electric home heating sources.

More Ways the Heat Pump Is a Great Choice

In addition to locking in a super great rebate (thank you, Inflation Reduction Act), below are the top benefits associated with installing an energy efficient heat pump in your home:

You’ll enjoy:

  • Super quiet system operation

  • Lower energy bills

  • Better indoor air quality & air circulation

  • Improved energy efficiency

  • A dual system that both heats & cools your home

  • Consistent temperatures throughout your home

  • Knowledge that you’re helping fight the climate crisis

Is a Heat Pump Right for Your Home?

While heat pumps are especially popular in climates where the temperatures are milder, they can also be used in regions that have colder climates, too. However, you shouldn’t just head to your local hardware store and install any old heat pump on your own. We recommend professional installation. In fact, finding the right type of heat pump for your home is crucial for optimal heating and cooling performance. If you’re considering a new heat pump installation, your licensed HVAC technician will consider all the following to ensure you have the perfect fit:

  • The size of your home

  • Your home’s energy needs

  • Your home’s layout

  • Home insulation

  • …And more!

To recap, the heat pump’s greatest offering is that it acts as both a heating and cooling system and is an incredibly efficient and budget-friendly way to keep your home comfortable.

Rely on ARS/Rescue Rooter for All Your Heating & Cooling Needs

Ready to save money and boost your home’s energy efficiency? ARS is here to help! For more information on heat pump installation or other heating and cooling services, call us. You can find your nearest ARS/Rescue Rooter location by clicking here.

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