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Which Heating System Is Right for Your Home?


Which Heating System Is Right for Your Home? 

As a homeowner, it’s important to keep your house as cozy as possible—especially during those bitter cold months. But when the time comes to upgrade your heating system or replace an old one, homeowners often have questions. For instance, should you invest in a heat pump, or would a furnace suit your home better? And what’s the difference between each one? Great questions! 

This is where the superheroes at American Residential Services  

come to your rescue. To help you learn which system is the perfect fit for your home and how they differ from one another, let’s dive into each system and how they work.  

What is a Furnace? 

Most homeowners are familiar with the furnace or have at least heard the term. But what is its main role? A furnace’s job is to simply heat your environment. It burns natural gas, propane, or electricity to produce heat and distribute it throughout your home. Furnaces will use a pilot light or an electric ignition to create heat and blow it throughout your living space. To cool your home, you will need another system in conjunction with your furnace. 

What is a Heat Pump? 

The heat pump is aptly named “heat” pump because its main function is to transfer heat in and out of your home rather than generate it. But it does more than just heat your home; it also cools it. (This is different from a furnace where the main job is to simply heat your home.) A heat pump uses electricity to make a cool space cooler and a warm space warmer. It’s like a dual system in one! 

Furnace vs. Heat Pump: Which One Should You Choose? 

In all honesty, the type of heating system you need for your home depends on your personal situation. Typically, heat pumps are geared toward homeowners who live in milder climates, while furnaces are more suitable for areas where it gets super cold. However, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (which can give up to $8,000 in heat pump rebates), is seeing the heat pump get a real surge in new purchases. You can read more about energy tax credits and heat pump rebates here.

Other benefits of furnaces and heat pumps include:  


  • Can heat homes in very cold climates 

  • Sometimes last up to 20 years 

  • Typically affordable to install 

  • Generates heat throughout your whole space 

Heat Pumps 

  • Excellent energy efficiency 

  • Lasts about 12-15 years 

  • Runs on electricity  

  • Both heats and cools your home 

OK, But What About HVAC and AC? 

Boy, heating and cooling and all their terms can be confusing, can’t they? Let us help! 

HVAC simply stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning—while AC is the acronym for air conditioning. 

In terms of air conditioning, typical options include a window unit or central AC (although ductless mini-splits are a choice too). Air conditioners can be used in tandem with furnaces so that you have heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. If you choose a heat pump for your home, you’re getting dual comfort in just one system.

More Questions? Call the ARS Team Today! 

If you’re deciding on a new heating or cooling system and have questions, let the pros at American Residential Services help. We are available to you seven days a week and are always happy to answer questions. Need to schedule service? No problem. Call us today at 866.399.2885. 

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