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Working Hard, Changing Lives

Every September, American Residential Services celebrates We are ARS Week. During this week of celebration and excitement, the letters ARS have a different meaning:
  • Acknowledge our Employees
  • Refresh our Surroundings
  • Serve our Community
This year, the corporate office in Memphis, TN partnered with a nonprofit called Volunteer Odyssey to get the most out of serving the Memphis community by providing opportunities for employees to give back throughout the whole month.

On September 7th, employees headed downtown to the Carpenter’s House to help prepare for homeless guests this coming winter. The Carpenter's House is the home base for Room in the Inn. This organization welcomes homeless guests during the winter months. They check in each night at the Carpenter's House and they are provided with a warm place to sleep. The employees of ARS/Rescue Rooter worked hard to clean the space, organize donations, and prepare the facility to welcome guests.

“We’re excited that we can help out. What’s happening here today in Memphis is happening all over the country at our 70 locations. It means a lot for us and our employees to show the heart that we have. We care about our employees and we care about the community that we live in,” said ARS Senior VP, Chief Financial Officer, Jim McMahon.

“The ARS volunteers are helping us sort donations, clean up some of the space, offering assistance in several areas of the building that will help us get ready for our guests in November when we start Room in the Inn season,” said Lisa Anderson, Room in the Inn.


A couple of days later on September 9th, a different group of ARS volunteers threw on their working gloves and spent their time at Shelby Farms. With 4,500 acres of parkland and 6.5 miles of urban trail, the park relies on thousands of volunteers each year to keep Shelby Farms Park + Shelby Farms Greenline clean, green and safe. ARS helped by sprucing up the Greenline and preparing one of the trails for Spooky Nights.

“We’re sprucing up the Greenline and also prepping for Spooky Nights which is an event that is coming up at Shelby Farms. I think all of us here that are volunteering at Shelby Farms love the park. There are over 4,000 acres of beautiful land that is accessible and free for everyone to enjoy. It’s hard to believe that this park is right in the heart of Memphis,” said ARS Communications Director.

“When people like ARS come out and support Shelby Farms Park it’s critical to how we continue to keep our park clean, green, and safe for everyone to use,” said Natalie Wilson, Senior Manager for Events and Programs at Shelby Farms.


On September 14th, ARS employees participated in the final volunteer event at the International Children’s Heart Foundation. This organization provides life-saving heart surgeries for children all over the world and they are based in Memphis, TN. Artwork is donated from all over the world, which they will be auctioning this year to raise money. The ARS team cataloged and organized a total of 124 paintings to help the foundation prepare for their event.

“Today we are working on an art project. We have accumulated quite a bit of art over the last few years and we would to turn that art into money for the foundation. ARS came out today to help me sort through it, wrapping it, packing it properly, and getting labels on everything,” said ICHF’s Chief Administrative Officer, Randa Blendin.

“It’s obviously a lot of work and it takes some commitment. We’re happy to be a part of it,” Chris Mellon, Chief Marketing Officer of ARS.

“Service is what we’re all about, that’s what we do each and every day we serve customers throughout the whole country. It’s so exciting for our people really to give back to their communities also. We’re serving our customers, serving our community, and serving the people who serve us,” said Don Karnes, Chief Executive Officer at ARS.

“Being a part of ARS, there’s a big sense of pride. Our employees really care about their communities and they know their company really cares about them. This is a great way for the organization to be able to show that we really care,” said Dave Slott, Chief Operating Officer at ARS.


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