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Furnace Air Handlers

Your furnace air handler does an important job—and it's equally important to maintain it properly.

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Furnace Air Handlers

Furnace air handlers are a critical component of any heating or HVAC system. They make the difference between strong flows of warm air that warm you up quickly and barely-there breezes that do little to increase the temperature—or your comfort.

How does a furnace air handler work?

Air-handling units usually consist of a blower, heating/cooling elements, filter racks or chambers, and dampers. They push air into your home's ductwork in order to distribute heat evenly throughout.

  • In forced-air furnaces, the air handler is a component part that blows hot air out—and cool air, too, if your AC unit as part of the same system.
  • If you have a heat pump rather than a forced-air furnace, you may have a stand-alone air handler that blows hot air through your home's ductwork.

More airflow, fewer breakdowns

Whether it's integrated into your furnace or a stand-alone unit, you should change your filters regularly if you want to maximize airflow and prolong your system's lifespan. But filter changes alone are not enough: you should have your system professionally maintained on a regular basis to make sure minor problems are taken care of before they become major headaches. That's when an ARS®/Rescue Rooter® Home Service Plan can be invaluable.

So put your air handler—and the rest of your HVAC system—in good hands. Call today to make an appointment with your furnace specialist, and find out how all of our services are covered by our Exceptional Service Guarantee.

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