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HVAC Holiday Wish List

Your holiday shopping is nearly complete! You’ve wrapped up everything from Aunt Molly’s favorite socks to those new Whatchamacallits for all the kids and you’re ready to settle in for the season’s festivities. But, before you pour that eggnog, consider adding a gift for one more: your HVAC unit. After all, it’s already gifting you a houseful of cozy warmth for the holidays.
If your HVAC system were a member of the family (and a bit of a health nut), his wish list might look something like this:
  1. A new set of filters—the goods ones. You’ve been sneezing a lot lately, so HEPA might be the way to go this year.
  2. A little TLC for my blower compartment. It's getting pretty grungy in there, and a clogged blower wheel can do a number on our utility bills.
  3. A tune-up and inspection to make sure my wiring and mechanical parts are working their best. If you're feeling extra generous, I’d love a Home Service Plan. That would get me TWO seasonal tune-ups, discounts on service and priority emergency care (in case we have another heat wave like the one that took me out of action last year).
  4. A whole-house dehumidifier. I’ve had to work harder to keep this moist air moving, and I’m worried I’ll develop a mold problem.
  5. While we're talking about mold (and your indoor air quality) this might be a good time to talk about this air cleaner I’ve had my eye on. No pressure, but I think it could help with that sneezing thing I mentioned.
HVAC gifts may not fit in a stocking or under the tree, but they pay off for months or years to come, as they improve your equipment's energy efficiency and lifespan.
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