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Emergency DIY

Things you can do in case of an HVAC or plumbing emergency at home.

Need service now? We're here 24/7.

Need service now? We answer calls 24/7.

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After flooding in the home

If your home was flooded, your AC and water heating systems may have sustained damage to electrical components, connections, or refrigerant lines. Once it’s safe to go back into your home, we recommend turning off the power to these devices using the main circuit breaker or fuse box, and requesting a thorough inspection and evaluation of your HVAC system by a licensed professional. If your water heater was exposed to water from the flood, it should also be inspected by a professional.

Turn off water sources

If possible, locate and turn off the individual shut-off valve for the fixture in question. In most scenarios, this will be underneath the fixture, near the wall. If you are unable to find this, you can use the main water shut-off that will control the entire water supply to your home. This is frequently in the kitchen or laundry room.

Turn off water heating devices

If your emergency is caused by a heating or powered device, then turn off all power sources to the fixture to avoid any pressure build-up or hot water burns.

Isolate any pipe leaks

Next, review any remaining leaks and, where possible, capture the water flow with a bucket or waterproof container. Clean any residual water from around the area to avoid slips and falls.

Remove immediate clogs

If you can see the source of a water clog, you may attempt to dislodge it with a plunger. However, if the problem is with a garbage disposal fixture, we recommend leaving it for a professional.

Let your AC unit thaw

Your air conditioner's evaporator coil can freeze up for a number of reasons. In order to troubleshoot and service the unit, there can't be ice built up on the coil or unit. Turn off the unit and let the ice melt before you call for repairs.

Clean up water leaking from furnace

If you notice standing water around your furnace, you may have a clog in your condensate line or a leak in your drain pan. You'll want to turn off your system and then using rags or a wet/dry shop vac clean up the water before it drips onto your ceiling or down the wall. Give us a call and we will check it out for you day or night.

Call in the experts

Depending on how quickly you are able to secure the area and mitigate further damage, you're likely still going to need an expert to inspect and repair the damage. ARS®/Rescue Rooter® plumbers are available 24/7 to answer your questions or provide emergency plumbing services, even on weekends and holidays. Any work that needs to be done will come with an upfront, written estimate. For immediate assistance, call 866-399-2885 or talk to us via live chat below.

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