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Humble Plumbing Services

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Expert Plumbing Services

Humble Texas plumbing company

Searching for reliable plumbing? Look no further than ARS/Rescue Rooter Houston. As your Humble, TX plumber, we can provide the expert attention and great customer service you need. We offer comprehensive plumbing services, from repairs of minor problems to replacement and upgrades.

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When you call our plumbing company, you’ll notice our advantages immediately. We commit to providing excellent service, with plumbers who are drug-tested and background-checked. We want you to come away from the service with a high level of satisfaction and peace of mind. Contact us to book an appointment today.

Plumbing Concerns to Watch For

You use your plumbing many times throughout the day. With all the parts and fixtures, there are several possible points of failure. Although minor issues may come up from time to time, there are moments when you should resist the urge to ignore them. Pay attention if you notice any of these common plumbing problems.

1. Leaky Faucet

Even if your faucet only drips a little, you could lose many gallons over time. Leaks could be a sign of other issues, as well. It’s better to call us for plumbing services to find the problem and make the right solution.

2. Toilet Running Constantly

Like a leaky faucet, a toilet that keeps running all the time is extremely wasteful. You might be surprised how much water you lose this way. The fix may not be particularly complicated, but it’s wise to ask our plumbers for assistance.

3. Water Heater Leaks

Since much of your home’s water goes through the water heater, a leak in this appliance could be a big deal. To minimize your risk of long-term water damage and ensure your water heater works appropriately, call us for professional plumbing services.

4. Clogged Sink

Sink clogs are a hassle, and it’s easy to think that you can handle them on your own. If you can’t get the clog out, or it keeps happening, you should call on our plumbers for advice.

5. Inadequate Hot Water

If you don’t have enough hot water, you have a problem worth hiring our plumbing company to assist. Whether you need to repair your water heater or upgrade it, you’ll need our professionals to do the job.

6. Clogged Toilet

Most homes have a toilet plunger, but that doesn’t mean you can fix the clog. If you want the assurance of knowing the cause and finding a long-term solution, you need our help. We can figure out what’s going on and make a plan.

7. Insufficient Water Pressure

Water that only comes out in a trickle or spurts isn’t running correctly. Instead of hoping that the problem will address itself, call our plumbing services to book an appointment. We can provide prompt service to correct the problem.

8. Drain Backflow

Water is supposed to flow down the drain, not come back up. When you notice this issue, you need to contact us for plumbing repair as soon as possible. A backflowing drain could cause water damage, especially if isn’t fixed promptly.

9. Outdated Plumbing

If you’re having a lot of problems with your plumbing, it’s possible that part or all of your system is old and outdated. Calling our plumbing company to inspect it can help you determine the best way to solve it.

10. Pipe Leaks

A leaking pipe could become a serious problem, particularly if you don’t know about it. Hiring our plumbers makes it easier to locate the pipe, identify the cause of the leaks and talk you through your options to fix it.

Reasons to Hire Our Professionals for Plumbing

For most problems, you need the benefit of our plumbing company. If you try to address it on your own, you put yourself at risk for an incomplete fix or complicated, expensive repairs. Here are a few reasons you should start with us.

We Bring the Right Equipment

When you hire our local plumbers, you aren’t just getting the benefit of our years of experience. We have built a successful business as expert plumbers, with all the tools and equipment needed to complete the job.

DIY plumbing can be surprisingly expensive, especially if you don’t have everything you need. Instead of worrying about doing the work, you can sit back and let us handle it.

We Identify the Problem Faster

If you have a plumbing problem, you probably don’t have weeks to research the cause and find a solution. With our plumbing services, you don’t have to.

Sometimes, finding the problem and solving it is a matter of emergency, and you simply can’t wait. Knowing that help is on the way, and that you could have an effective plumbing system working soon, is a big relief.

We Know How to Solve It

As an expert plumbing company, we know that there’s a big difference between finding a cause of a plumbing problem and being able to fix it. Even if you know what you should do, you may not have the skills or experience to carry it out.

Our plumbers can save you a lot of hassle by fixing the issue in a fraction of the time.

We Can Avoid Making Things Worse

Whenever you work with plumbing, you take a risk in making the problem worse. A minor clog might turn into a serious blockage that you can’t shift. An improper fix could create long-term water damage.

Hiring our plumbing services helps you keep the problem from growing. It’s a key benefit as you work toward a solution.

We Can Help You Plan Ahead

Calling our local plumbers gives you an expert to help you sort out the details. If you’re not sure which decision is the right one, we are there to provide assistance. Throughout the process, you can count on us to make sure you understand what is happening and what you can expect. It’s just another way you can get to the end with greater peace of mind.

Plumbing Issues in a Hot Climate

As part of the Houston metropolitan area, Humble has a hot, humid climate. Summers are muggy and sweltering, with mild winters. You’re less likely to worry about your pipes freezing here, but that doesn’t mean there are no effects on your plumbing. In the middle of summer, when you want to fill your pool or take a cool shower, you can feel the difference.

Common Plumbing Effects

You’ve probably heard of cold weather affecting plumbing in different ways, but you should know that the heat can affect it, too. Hot weather may cause pipes to expand and contract, which weakens them and makes them more likely to crack or burst. The most common symptom is low water pressure, indicating a leak in the line. The hot season can also shift your pipes, due to the expansion of soil or growth of tree roots.

Geography of Humble

The city of Humble has an interesting geography that aids the oil production in the area: Much of the city is located on a salt dome. A salt dome indicates that layers of salt moved toward the surface over millions of years, leaving pockets for substances like petroleum to sit.

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We serve the entire Houston area, including nearby communities such as Amberwood, Balmoral, Deerbrook, Etteridge, Foxwood, Glen Lee, Hunters Ridge, Kingwood, Lakeland, Mill Creek, Northshire, Oak Hill Estates, Pine Echo, Rivergrove, Summerwood, Timberwood and Woodstream.

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This is the third time this year for the same problem. If it’s not fixed this time I will change company’s. But the repair man seemed to know what the exact problem was & was it was never fixed the first 2 times.
google 09/30/2023
Mr. Floyd Price came right at his scheduled window and we did not have to wait around. He took his time in inspecting my entire home and was very professional at all times. He made several recommendations that could save us problems in the future, like installation of a surge protector for our breaker box. I highly recommend ARS/Rescue Rooter for your electrical, plumbing and hvac system needs. Thank you Mr.Floyd
google 09/30/2023
Very nice installers and informative. Protected my home before they started working. Thank you!
google 09/30/2023
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