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Toilet Repair Service

Trust ARS/Rescue Rooter for Toilet Repair

ARS®/Rescue Rooter® offers expert toilet repair service. We understand that a malfunctioning toilet is a stressful situation. We maintain high standards for our plumbers, to ensure that we provide excellent work that addresses your concerns efficiently and effectively. To learn more, schedule service today!

We Provide an Exceptional Service Guarantee

At ARS/Rescue Rooter, we aim to provide excellent service that solves your problems in the first place. We offer an Exceptional Service Guarantee on your toilet repair. For work that applies to the guarantee, we will make a sincere effort to meet your expectations.

Signs You Need Toilet Repair

Toilets should run the same every time. If your toilet doesn’t, you may have a problem. Here are a few indicators that you need toilet repairs from our plumbers.

Constant Running

When your toilet won’t stop running, it’s more than an inconvenience. If your toilet is constantly running, you are losing water down the drain. A running toilet could lose hundreds of gallons of water per day. Toilets that keep running usually have a problem with the flapper, chain, fill tube, or fill height.

Persistent Clogs

Toilets are known for clogs. Even if you consider yourself fairly handy with a plunger, there’s a possibility that clogs can cause bigger problems than you can handle. For example, if your toilet is overflowing, or if you notice that a certain toilet is getting clogged all the time, you may need to ask our toilet repair plumber for assistance.

Troubles Flushing

Although your toilet flush should be consistent, there are plenty of reasons that it isn’t. You might have a broken handle or issues with other components inside the tank. Weak flushes make it harder for you to dispose of waste without multiple flushes. Our toilet repair service can help you determine the cause and find a solution.

Toilet Leaks

A leaky toilet can be a nightmare, especially if the water is starting to pool on the floor. The cause of the leak depends on the location. Even if it’s just a small amount that you can wipe up after a flush, it’s still important to call our plumber to fix a leaking toilet. We can provide a solution before you end up with significant water damage.

Malfunctioning Handle

Since you use it frequently, the toilet handle is one of the first things to go. If the handle feels loose, or is too stiff to move, it’s likely a problem with the way the lever is connected to the other parts inside the tank. We can help you figure out how best to solve it, even if that means replacing the handle.

Bad Odors

Odors that smell like sewage may indicate that your sewer vent line isn’t working correctly, or that there is a break in the line. An improper seal on the toilet might also be the culprit. If the bad smells don’t go away within minutes, it’s time to get our plumbers to take a look at the situation.

DIY vs. Professional Toilet Repair

Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that plumbing work is easy to do themselves, especially if it relates to something you use every day. If you feel that you have a minor toilet problem, it’s tempting to search for solutions and try your hand at DIY. Of course, each time you do, you run the risk of making the problem worse or causing more issues with the toilet. Here are a few reasons you should hire our plumber to fix your toilet.

Avoid Spending on Tools and Supplies

You may think that DIY is cheaper, until you start adding up all the tools and supplies you need for the job. Most homeowners may not have more than a sturdy plunger and a pipe wrench to work with, which means that everything else for the task is going to come straight out of your pocket. Our plumbers have a set of tools ready for use, saving you the hassle.

Get the Correct Solution

Getting the solution correct the first time is the best thing you get from our toilet repair companies. We can assess the situation, determine all possible causes, narrow down the problems, and work out the solution. You get the benefit of knowing that we have addressed the issue, and you’re less likely to experience the same problem within a short time. If the fix involves replacement, you can count on our plumbers to handle the toilet installation expertly.

Solve the Problem Quickly

When you have a toilet problem, the last thing that you want to do is lose a weekend trying to fix it. If you’re tackling a DIY repair, you probably aren’t sure of the cause of the problem, so you can’t be certain of the solution. By comparison, our plumbers can start work as soon as they arrive and handle your concerns efficiently. Our plumbers have years of experience, so they can solve it faster.

Minimize Damage

When you need to fix your toilet, you definitely don’t want the solution to cause more problems than it solves. Whenever you work with your home’s plumbing, you have to be prepared to deal with issues such as leaks or water damage. Our plumbers know how to keep the rest of your plumbing system intact while they work on your toilet. If you need help choosing the right toilet, we’re happy to identify the best options for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my toilet leaking?

As a general rule, leaking toilets have an insufficient seal. Sometimes, replacing the seal or re-installing the toilet can solve the problem, particularly if there is no other damage to the rest of the toilet. Other leaks may relate to problems with the tank or bowl.

Why does my toilet have a noisy flush?

If your toilet makes an unusual sound during flushing, like a bubbling or gurgling, you may have a problem with trapped air. As the water passes through the pipes when flushing, trapped air has nowhere to go but up.

Why is my toilet only partially flushing?

If your toilet flushes, but only part of the way, it’s likely that you have a problem with the flapper or a stuck ball float. A malfunctioning flapper doesn’t allow water to enter the bowl, or it cuts off the flow too quickly.

Should I repair or replace my toilet?

The best path to a functioning toilet depends on the problem. If you have major damage to the toilet structure, replacement might be necessary. If you need to replace a part, such as the handle or flapper, repair may be the best choice.

Why is my toilet water bubbling?

Wastewater produces gases that need to be safely vented to the outside. If your sewer line vent is clogged or not working correctly, you may notice bubbles coming through the bowl’s water, even if the toilet is not in use. It’s a common cause of odors, as well.

How much does toilet repair cost?

The cost of toilet repair relates to the problem. Reattaching the flush lever to a lift wire could be a fairly simple task. Addressing a significant leak may cost more. We’re happy to provide a written estimate for the work we do.

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